If You Were A Victim of Crime, Would You Know Your Rights?

As a victim of crime you must request to exercise certain rights, if not you may lose them. 

If you are a victim of violent crime and you believe your rights have been violated ...WE CAN HELP



The Justice League of Ohio was founded on the simple principle that victims of crime deserve and require legal representation to enforce and protect their constitutional and statutory legal rights throughout the criminal justice process. 

There is a national movement to bring balance to the criminal justice system by establishing crime victims’ rights legal clinics in every state.  As of today twelve states now have crime victims’ rights legal clinics. Ohio is one of those progressive states.

The Justice League of Ohio is the only crime victims’ rights legal center in the state of Ohio that provides free legal representation in criminal court to citizens victimized by crime to protect their legal rights.

The Justice League of Ohio provides:

Free legal representation to victims of violent crime throughout Ohio to ensure their constitutional and statutory rights are enforced and protected from the time a crime is first reported throughout the criminal justice process.

Free Victims’ Rights Training to hospitals, victim advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and the community to promote awareness of crime victims’ rights laws and to ensure consistent systemic implementation of Crime Victims’ Rights Laws.


Does a Sex Offender Live Near You?

Visit Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine's eSORN website to find out!


Have, or is it possible you may have, medical or counseling expenses, time off work, or other economic losses as a result of your victimization?

The Justice League offers assistance in filing victim compensation claims. For more information on the "Crime Victim Compensation Fund" please click here.